Kyle Fowler

Kyle Fowler began following in his father’s footsteps at a very young age.  Looking to his father, Ken Fowler of Team Rocket, as his role model, Kyle moved forward with his dreams of becoming an Aerobatic Pilot by the age of 12, announcing his father’s performance at several Airshows.  Then at the age of 21, his dreams began to manifest.  Kyle obtained his Private Pilot’s License, with Eric Hansen of Team Rocket, as his flight instructor, and began his journey toward his Airshow career. In 2015, Kyle dedicated his time to evolving as a pilot and completed his Commercial Pilot’s License.  This opened more doorways and drove Kyle to complete his Commercial Multi IFR Rating the same year. Currently, Kyle successfully manages his aviation time between flying a PA-31 Navajo Chieftain, a Kodiak and his unique 1986 Long EZ.  When he is not evolving as a pilot, Kyle divides his time between his love of airshows, and his pride and joy, his family.  Kyle’s family is incredibly proud of his accomplishments and will always be his biggest fans.

The Aircraft

The Long EZ is the perfect combination of comfort and style. Though not capable of aggressive aerobatics the Long EZ makes up for it with its unique look in the delta wing canard design. This small tandem seating airplane has an impressive range of 1000nm and cruising at speeds of 160 knots.


Wing Span: 26.1 ft
Top Speed: 230 mph
Weight: 920 lbs