Let's Fly!

Ready for the most epic adventure? Come see breathtaking views of Beaufort, SC only seen by helicopter. This adventure is fun for all ages. Perfect for families, couples and friends. 

Tickets for this attraction are only available at the MCAS Beaufort Airshow. $49.99 per person for children & adults, children one and under are free. Weight limit of 300lbs per seat and 600 lbs per group.

About The Aircraft

The R44 Raven II was designed by Frank Robinson in the early 1980s. It is designed to perform a wide range of missions including pilot training, passenger transport and ambulance, police, fire, marine and forestry services. 

The helicopter is fitted with semi-rigid, two-bladed main and tail rotors. The stainless steel rotors are equipped with noise attenuating blade tip caps to cut noise levels by one decibel. 

The direction of the tail rotor's rotation has been reversed to improve yaw control authority. The diameter of the main rotor is 10.1m while the tail rotor is 1.5m. A 28V electrical system allows the Raven II to operate in hot and cold weather environments.