Top Gun Experience

DreamBIG Entertainment travels exclusively within the United States. The Mission is directly in attending air shows, festivals, fairs, NASCAR, NFL, MLB as well as various charity events. The mission is sharing the History and rare opportunity to experience a fully restored F-18 Hornet (Top Gun “MAVERICK” Experience) United States Military Fighter/Attack Cockpits. While being allowed to Dream a Dream that few have ever or might ever experience.

Each person who visits may choose to dress as a real Fighter pilot complete with flight gear and helmet for a hands-on tour and experience. Dream BIG offers interactive museum style visits complete with guided and hands-on tour of the cockpit. We then provide lasting images via Photo and place them in a collectable memory holder, at a cost of $10 per opportunity. *The fee is NOT a per person fee. The $10 may cover the entire family. Multiple photo options may be purchased as requested by the visitors.

Our F-18 Hornet Top Gun Experience Is a Real Hornet. She has a distinguished history serving in the United States Navy. She was used as an Early Fleet Aircraft, with Combat History Over the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan. She was also one of the early Hornets assigned the United States Navy’s “BLUE ANGLES®”. After an incident with her landing gear, she was taken out of service and used directly by Boeing in the development of the F-18 Super Hornet. She was then stricken from record and sold to a private individual. She served the next 16 years in a Historical capacity at the Tennessee Aviation Museum. In 2019, She was obtained by DreamBIG Entertainment, where she undertook Extensive Cockpit restoration. She most recently has been put into the Paramount Movie “Top Gun Maverick” Livery.

She annually visits hundreds of thousands of visitors at Air Shows and Events. As well as making hundreds of visits at hospitals, schools, and children’s homes throughout the United States. In October of 2013 our A-7 was featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Fast N’ Loud” television series and has since been seen in cameos on the Discovery Channel’s “AIRPLANE REPO”.