Rower Air Shows

This is Rower Air Shows, the most exciting, pulse pounding vintage Stearman air show on the circuit today! Gary Rower, a former USAF F-16 instructor and current airline captain, has flown all over the world, accumulating over 21,000 hours in every type of aircraft imaginable.

Gary started performing at air shows and entertaining audiences with his 1942 PT-17 Stearman in 2002. The show highlights Gary’s skills as a professional aerobatic pilot, and the way he performs in the Stearman as some spectators describe, "is like ballet in the air.” The Stearman is large and loud, yet beautiful and graceful at the same time. Gary’s performance in this beautiful bird is filled with giant barnstormer loops, hammerhead turns, slow rolls, a Cuban eight, inverted flight, snap roll and one of his favorite maneuvers, the Outside Humpty Bump.

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