Bell-OH 58 Kiowa 

The Bell-OH 58 Kiowa is part of Beaufort County Sheriff's Office collection of tools available to assist in search and rescue missions throughout the county. Search response (in conjuction with US Coast Guard and SC Department of Natural Resources as applicable): 

  • Missing/overdue boaters, swimmers
  • Missing Children
  • Missing vulnerable adults (Alzheimer's/Dementia patients)
  • Otherwise endangered persons
  • Manhunts for violent offenders (when there is high probability of success)
  • Locating stolen vehicles/other outdoor criminal activity

Support response:

  • Special Operations (ex. flying a bomb technician to another county for rapid support)
  • Enforcement for special events required crowd control (ex: St. Patrick's Day Parade)

Provided by: Beaufort County Sheriff's Office - Neil Baxley