Navy N3N 1939 BIPLANE

The Naval Aircraft Factory N3N was an American tandem-seat, open cockpit, primary training biplane aircraft built by the Naval Aircraft Factory, located at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard from 1935 through 1942, with a total of 816 being produced.  The Naval Aircraft Factory became today's Naval Air Systems Command, now located at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland.  This is the only airplane to have ever been designed, tested, manufactured, and operated, entirely by the U.S. Navy, or any other government agency.  Of note, it was made of leftover aluminum from the Navy rigid airship program; as a result there is almost no wood anywhere on the aircraft.  

This particular N3N rolled off the assembly line on December 15th, 1939 and is BuNo 1920.  Of the 816 built, there are approximately 35 left flying in the world.  There being more active Astronauts than there are N3N pilots.  




Provided by: CDR Erik Anderson