Immediately following World War II, the Department of Defense tapped into the expertise of the North American Aviation Company to develop the next generation, high-performance, advanced primary flight trainer to serve as a successor to the T-6 Texan, also built by North American Aviation. The result was the T-28 series of aircraft. The first flight of the T28 prototype was in September of 1949, and the first model of the T28– the T-28A—entered service with the U.S. Air Force in April of 1950. 

Maximum Speed: 283 miles per hour 
Empty Weight: 6424 pounds 
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 7812 pounds 
Length: 32 feet 6 inches 
Height: 12 feet 7 inches 
Wingspan: 40 feet 7 inches 
Engine: 800 HP Wright R-1300-7 radial engine 
Propeller: 2 blade constant speed 
Maximum Altitude: 25,200 feet 
Maximum Range: 1000 miles 
Total Built: 1194